B&C Cosmetic and Food

Unique ingredients for the cosmetic and food markets

Since 2007 B&C S.p.A. presents itself to the cosmetic and food markets of 29 countries as a producer of special products.

In collaboration with Italian universities, it offers the cosmetic sector excipients and green phytoactive substances such as detergents, stabilizers for creams and lotions, ready-to-use bases, emollients accompanied by unique activity tests with high added value. 

For the food sector it specializes in emulsifiers, viscosifiers, gelling agents and stabilizing systems for ice cream, desserts, drinks, sauces as well as application in pet-food products. It is able to counter-type the stabilizing systems in use by the customer or support in the development of a new product by fine-tuning the optimal stabilizer. The mission is based on innovation, versatile structure, partnership with foreign distributors, and certified quality.

B&C: the Company

The B&C Project, from its very beginning, is projected into the world of innovation and industrialization of new special ingredients for the cosmetic and food markets. The production structure is implemented annually to satisfy a vast range of the productions:


Cosmetic area
  • Two diathermic oil thermoreactors with production capacity up to 5000 Kg/day.

  • Extractors for phytoactives and pilot reactors of 100 kg and 1000 kg.
Food area
  • Area dedicated to the mixing of food additives and ingredients.
  • Area dedicated to the mixing and packaging of food supplements.
  • Plants: powder mixers with capacities from 100Kg to 3000Kg.






Body care, hair care, toiletries, and make up: our ingredients cover various cosmetic applications.

Food stabilizers

Ice creams, desserts, drinks, sauces, meats, baked goods: for each application we offer the best stabilizer/texturizer.

Research and innovation

Since 2010 we have been working alongside the formulators of the world, those who want to innovate, those who seek creative solutions.

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