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Unique ingredients for the cosmetic and food markets

Since 2007 B&C S.p.A. presents itself to the cosmetic and food markets of 29 countries as a producer of special products. In collaboration with Italian universities, it offers the cosmetic sector excipients and green phytoactive substances such as detergents, stabilizers for creams and lotions, ready-to-use bases, emollients accompanied by unique activity tests with high added value. For the food sector it specializes in emulsifiers, viscosifiers, gelling agents and stabilizing systems for ice cream, desserts, drinks, sauces as well as application in pet-food products.


Cosmetic research designed according to your needs.

Entrusted to a team of experts with the valuable support of specialized universities, the research is managed by CR&D, the sister company responsible for innovation and creativity.


A product,
a solution.

B&C is able to study and propose solutions for any product the customer intends to develop or improve. Thanks to the experience of its technicians, B&C recommends the best system of thickeners, stabilizers and gelling agents to give the finished product optimal appearance, structure, and stabilization.


Researched for more than 10 years.

CR&D is the division of B&C that encompasses all the technical aspects of the company: regulatory, innovation, development, and application. Every project from any country in the world is managed 100% with extreme professionalism.


Everywhere in the world.

We care about you in a unique way.

Giving shape to your projects allows us to support you completely. The application lab offers formulas for evaluating textures, the research supports you with tests and from a technical point of view. 

Different sectors, a single goal: quality and innovation.


Body care, hair care, toiletries, and make up: our ingredients cover various cosmetic applications.

Food stabilizers

Ice creams, desserts, drinks, sauces, meats, baked goods: for each application we offer the best stabilizer/texturizer.

Research and innovation

Since 2010 we have been working alongside the formulators of the world, those who want to innovate, those who seek creative solutions.

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